2. Geoffrey's secret of operating three Outstanding rated care homes

In this episode of the Outstanding Care Business Podcast, Issac Theophilos interviews Geoffrey Cox, a solicitor turned entrepreneur who has been in the care sector for over 20 years. Geoffrey shares his journey of acquiring his first care home in Exeter in 2001 and growing it into a group of four care homes, Southern Healthcare. He is also a director of Devon Care Home Collaborative, a community of care home owners working together to benefit the sector. Geoffrey talks about his passion for the sector and his concerns and advocacy efforts to relevant authorities. He also shares his personal experiences with the care sector, including his grandfather's stay in an NHS geriatric hospital and his grandmother's experience in a nursing home post-stroke. Geoffrey's wife, Margot, is also highlighted as a key member of the team that runs the organization. They have three care homes rated Outstanding and one rated good with outstanding and well-led. Geoffrey also talks about the challenges and rewards of his entrepreneurial journey, including his hands-on approach to managing the homes.

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